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10  Ways Luxury Interior Design can Increase your Sales

There are many factors that can either increase or decrease sales of your business as ‘the first impression is the last impression’. You have to remember that the ambiance you create to impress your customers will help you improve your sales. This can be done with luxury interior designs from designing companies of Dubai.

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Retail shops aim only to attract customers towards their shop and influence them to be part of their cash. Luxury interior designs from designers in Dubai can help you rejuvenate your store.

Eye catching visuals in the shops are not underestimating. They have lots of power to grab people’s attention towards the shop and will encourage them to enter the shop.

Attractive decoration at the entrance slows down the customers entering the shop. Modern customers are in a hurry and pay attention to the thing they already have in mind and ignore the rest. But keeping alluring and spectacular objects at the entrance catch customer’s attention and let them focus more on them.

Fix the pathway of customer around the store. You should know what and how to keep in the store. Plan the layout it such a way that you fix the journey of shoppers in the store till they end by buying any product.

Place attractive items at the right of the store. Researchers have found that customers entering in the store generally divert towards the right side of the store! Make the most of it by placing fascinating items at the right. This will make customers to take interest in buying the things.

Lighting in the store should be moderate. Instead of using white light to make preference to yellowish light! Now, make sure that lights should not be too flashy or too mild. Decorative lights should be used in place of traditional bulbs.

Mild music in the store affects the slow traffic flow of the customers and let them spend more time in the store and check more and more products.

The store should have spacious area. This gives the sufficient space to customers and they try to check all the products finely.

Retailers should use best interiors for the shops. They must keep luxury items in the store such as clock in the shop, furniture, etc. There should be either wooden flooring or they can use comforting carpets in the store.

Use of edgy accessory like alluring cutleries made up of bone china make an impressive impact on the customers. These appealing accessories give them a reason to visit the store again and again.

Soothing aroma in the store make customer’s mood positive toward the store and they feel comfortable in the store. This will see to it that the customers spend more time there. This will ultimately make them to buy something.

Online shopping- is it safe?

Online shopping is prone to thefts like hackers can steal online and offline identity such as your crucial login details and credit card info without you knowing. Malware can also put your online privacy at risk.


It is very clear that online shopping is an effective means to buy different products for household and office needs. May surveys came with information that Dubai online shopping can indeed be a safe activity when done in a right way.Here are some online shopping safety tips to safe shopping-

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Be careful of scam sites

There are some common signs of scam sites to ditch online shoppers.These include misspellings of popular retail sites like Flipkart or ones using a different domain, such as .net instead of .com. So be extra careful with such sites, if the site has a huge number of attractive offers, it can be a scam site.


Also never give all your information away, as it becomes easy for thieves to steal your information and thereafter, your identity. Things like your social security number, credit card details should be kept confidential.


Make sure you create a strong password

By ensuring a strong creating a strong password you make it difficult for the hackers to trace your details. Keep them long and strong with a mix of letters, numbers, symbols and with both uppercase and lowercase included.


Use safe payment methods

When buying products on a non-absolute make sure you use the credit card payment option rather than a debit card. Experts say that credit card payment at the safest option. With debit cards, there will be no limit as to how much cyber criminals can steal from your bank.


However, if want to use your credit card, a pre-existing limit is set and you also have the option to seek credit from the Sending cash by mail or wire are other unsafe ways of making payment.Check for other alternatives like Paytm or Paypal, which provide additional security to the consumer.


We hope that the above-mentioned tips will guide you, ensuring a safe online shopping experience and leave all the benefits that come with it. If you are looking for a safe site for buying electronics online visit  URL:




Tips How to Take Care of You Pet Cat

Cats are friendly pet and they bring a lot of joy to its owners. They also need little maintenance – all thanks to their cleanly nature. Most people in UAE have cats as pets, these furry pals are a symbol of class. One can find a lot of cat accessories in Dubai.

One thing that pet owners should keep in mind when buying cat accessories in Dubai, is the needs and requirement of their cat. There are a lot of things that you should consider when taking care of a cat! Here are a few tips that you should know to take care of your pet cat –cat food

Feeding: If the pet is less or equal to 3 months then it should be fed 3 to 4 times a day. Adult cats can be fed with 2 average sized meals. They should be given clean water so they stay hydrated for long time. Another very important thing is to maintain good cleaning bowls.

Housing: Cats need their own private space! And it is important that you give them the space. It needs to be clean, spacious and should have enough ventilation. Also see that the cat gets its own clean bed and some space for activity.


Littler bin: Pet hygiene is another very important thing. Maintain clean litter bowls for the pet to keep it healthy and neat.

Grooming: Keep your pet away from parasites, bacterial and bugs by grooming them regularly. This includes bathing, haircuts, and brushing at least three times a week. Grooming the cat will help it say clean from the knots.

There are a lot of different ways to take of pets. You can find a lot of great accessories, pet foods and treats to help you with the task. For the best pet care products in Dubai, contact Value pets.

Signs Why Dubai Is a Preferred Business Destination

Thinking of Dubai and the very first thing that strikes our mind is oil which has flourished the Dubai’s economy to the heights. But after the liberalization, it has diversified into business sectors and encouraged various business activities by the locals and foreign entrepreneurs. There is a wide range of businesses one can pursue and contribute to the development of the region. Dubai is a powerful business center that attracts everyone to invest and get settled in this charismatic city. Now, Company formation in UAE  have spurred a lot and it became a business center for all the small and big companies of the world to operate their business due to its business friendly policies.

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Now, let us get to know the factors that make Dubai the best place for business set-ups.

  • Infrastructure

This city has the unmatched and unparalleled infrastructure that makes it everyone’s first choice for starting up a business. Exquisite business buildings with a modern architecture, beautifully designed office spaces, high facility housing societies that promote high-quality lifestyle is what attracts people the most.

  • Connectivity

Dubai is a well-planned city and is well connected with the neighboring regions which facilitate to perform the business activities anywhere in the world. It has numerous airlines and waterways, with well-built roads and metro facility that makes it the largest trade hub in the world.

  • Free Zones

Dubai has a number of free zones that allows many benefits for people interested in starting the business. These free zones offer huge advantages to foreign investors such as,100% ownership, 100% profit earning, easy business formation procedures, and low taxes and much more.

  • Decreased Bureaucracy

The government of Dubai has minimized the bureaucracy needed for the business formation in Dubai making it easier for more people to engage in the entrepreneurship. They also offer incentives to the foreign investors to encourage them for doing a business in their region which definitely adds to their economic growth.

  • Shopping and tourists destination

Not only the business destination, Dubai is widely known for the craze of luxury shopping and the most loved travel hub. Every now and then there are shopping festivals organized which are the main tourist’s attraction and are also a plus points for those who are in a retailing business.

If you too wish to start your own business and want a detailed info. We recommend you to contact a good advisory service that provides answers to all your queries. You can undoubtedly trust Adam Global, the best advisory firm of Dubai with numerous happy clients.