Add style to your room with long length curtains

Amongst the many window treatments in your home, curtains and draperies are the most common considerations for any homeowner. Not only are these pretty affordable, but they have the capacity to transform the entire look and feel of any room, only if done in a tasteful manner. Although these window treatments are primarily used to block light and sound, these can also enhance the personality and appearance of your home décor. Available in a range of colors, prints, and fabrics, you can find almost every type of window curtains in Dubai in the Leeds Furnishing store here. The modern, elegant or cool ambiance can be created by choosing the right curtain length for your room.

You can render a distinguished, smart, and formal look to the room, in which you are thinking to add long length curtains. The longer the length of the curtains you choose, the statelier will be the appearance of the room. If you have decided to go with a particular mood of the room, then decorating the windows can be an effortless job. Here in this article, we shall be discussing long length window curtains in Dubai, where and how they should be used to enhance the décor of the room and various other aspects of these curtain options.

Rooms that display a formal attitude like a formal dining or living room or the rooms that serve for an official activity like a home office or library are ideal for using long length curtains that touch the floor. Floor-to-ceiling length curtains add a refined elegance to any of the room, making the ceiling of the room appear taller. If you choose extra- length curtains that puddle on the floor will provide a romantic look to any of the rooms.

Besides being an ambiance enhancer, these long length curtains offer many other advantages. You may not like every ready-made curtains and drapery that you purchase from a supplier of window curtains in Dubai, buying long length curtains can be a rescue in such a case, as you can alter the length of the curtains according to your requirements.


Since these curtains are easily tailor-made, you can decide the exact length of the curtain you want. In case, you have kids in your home, you can go with the shorter length of curtains considering the safety aspects, but make sure it does not spoil the mood or style of the room.