Tips to clean PVC pipes

Nowadays, PVC pipes are the most common and widely used product whenever it comes to plastic piping. PVC pipes are usually used in water systems, underground wiring, and sewer lines. The PPR pipes manufacturers in UAE provide you all kinds of piping and fitting products to suit your needs. You can then assemble them and use for the construction purposes.

Now, when you buy these from PPR pipes manufacturers in UAE the pipes are in a very dusty and smudgy condition. They have blemishes over them and are inked up with the manufacturing details which doesn’t look nice when you put them to use. Therefore, they need the cleaning before they are glued up.

There are many ways to remove the imprints and other markings from the pipe. First of all, cut the pipes to the desired length as it would become easy to work on them.

  • Wipe off the dust deposited on the pipes with a slightly wet old cloth. Then rub the markings and imprints with a powdered cleanser with dabbing a green nylon scouring pad over it. Now, rinse the pipe again with that wet old cloth. This way most of the marks and prints will be cleaned.
  • There are some prints which don’t get removed and becomes a cumbersome task. For them, you will need a steel wool soaked in acetone to rub the marking on the pipe. As the acetone dries too quickly so try to clean in short sections. Then rinse the pipe with a clean cloth before the acetone dries away. Make sure you wear eye shield and rubber gloves and work in a ventilated.
  • You can sand the marks with rubbing sandpaper over them. You can use 100 grit sandpaper for this. However, it will make the pipe look rough, but if your project is somewhere underground, then it will do. You can also opt for the sandpaper having fewer grits to remove the imprints.

These are the methods which can clean your PVC pipes and give you the professional results and make your project look good. If you are searching for the best PPR Pipes in   Dubai, then Bonn group are the one. They are the renowned pipes manufacturers that offer you the premium quality products at fair deals